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Art is for everyone who cares. For everyone that thinks it’s important. For all who can afford it, for anyone who wants to listen, for all who want to create.

Art is no place for rules. Of all things, why make rules about art? Guides and rules are only a starting point, throw them out when they start to hold you back. Not going in with a clouded mind full of the do’s and don'ts of designing. No, Must, Forbidden, Not acceptable, Required and Mandatory do not exist.
Using a reference, ‘stealing’ and tracing are okay! Use to your advantage whatever you can. There's no one way of being an artist.

Art is for the ones that think it’s important. Art does not need to have a deeper meaning and can just be what it is. Not all art is meant to be understood, if art is not understood it doesn’t mean it’s not art.

Art is for the ones that want to create. Make art for the fun of it. Make art like nobody’s watching. You do not need to know the rules to make art, an artist without knowledge is still an artist.

Art is for everyone that wants to be an artist. Art will become even more inclusive, people are going to need subtitles to better describe what they make. Being short on labels is limiting. "I don't just wanna be a graphic designer, I wanna be so much more."

Art is for the ones that can afford it. Art is very expensive. But the same goes for time, A lot of people spend a lot of time on art, and not everyone can afford to. But art is a luxury everybody should be able to enjoy.

Art is for everyone who cares.

200 x 300 mm

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